Welcome to my new blog. Please join me as I ramble on about family, life, and my quilting & crafting obsession.  Once in a while I may even have my stuff together enough to provide you with a free pattern or two.  I am currently thinking of a middle of the month row by row so check back on January 15th…

034 (2)You will hear a lot about my four poodles- yes, I am “Crazy Poodle Lady”- and you will see a lot of quilts- some finished and many in the making.

There is never a dull moment around here with a daughter who will be graduating HS in the Spring and moving off to college in the fall, a son who is currently learning to drive, 3 miniature poodles and a Standard poodle puppy -he will be 2 in February-but the other poodles are all over 10 years so he is the puppy by far.

025 (2)

I run a little, I Librarian a lot, and I spend a lot of time wishing my house was clean and organized.  I hope you will talk to me and share ideas, maybe even trade some quilt blocks.

Happy Quilting and Living in 2016!



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