The View Over My Coffee Cup

The view over my coffee cup this morning…
IMG_3687A pile of some of the fabrics that I purchased yesterday.  It was just a little outing to some quilt shops so that I could spend some time with my mom.  I ended up acquiring over 20 yards of fabric!  (actually that owl piece, my mom bought me for Christmas!)  But it was all a great price, and some of it will make great backings, and I just had to have the Star Wars fabrics- that aren’t even pictured here!

I know, this isn’t exactly helping my goal of using up the stash of fabrics that is already causing my sewing room to burst at the seams.

However, I have actually been trying to use some of it up too.

IMG_3679Here is a project I haIMG_3680ve been working on the last couple of days.  It is a miniature quilt from this magazine.  I do not like making those tiny blocks- the seams are way too bulky even though I pressed some of them open in anticipation.  But, I do love a good mini.

It will coordinate with the free pieced creation below that is meant to go on the top of my TV cabinet.  IMG_3683I started it after a workshop with Jacquie Gering.  I also have a lap sized quilt started from that workshop that I hope will get finished one day.  It is not on the list of priorities for this year, unfortunately…

Here is my current leader and ender project.  I just had a lot of brown and green so decided it needed to be done.  It is based on a quilt from a book I have but I cut the squares a different size.




So, there are some honest attempts at using my stash of fabrics.  I am a fabric hoarder, for sure, but I really do have good intentions.  If only I didn’t have to go to work, ever…But there are these things called kids who want to do stuff like go to college…plus, I really like driving my new car- going to work gives me some place to drive it- though there is always the quilt shop…


Another attempt at using up scraps- the lovelies above are all waiting to be sewn up into this month’s Block Lotto blocks.  I still have to cut the white to go with them.  All from scraps and in most cases- I used up the entire scrap piece to get these lovely squares!  Yay!  Scraps being used up!

IMG_3682This little box of black and white is a teaser for my upcoming Month by Month Row by Row pattern.  Look for the first block on January 15th- however, you may not see these black and whites until February….


  1. Oh nice new blog home for you Andra!! Your projects really are looking good. I have put myself on another fabric semi diet–I was SOOO bad last year–as if I knew i was on a diet but bought anyway. Backing fabrics are always ok to buy in my book hahaha, Will be looking for your little Month by Month Row project…hugs, Julierose


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