Meet Oliver

047 (2)Time to introduce another poodle.  This is Oliver.  He is our “rescued” poodle.  I saw his picture on the Facebook page for the Espanola Animal Humane a few years ago.  He was sooooo cute, I knew I had to have him.  I called to tell them I wanted him and they said I had to come to the adoption event the next day, an hour from my home.  I couldn’t make that but I wanted him so bad!  My amazing sister drove to get him for me, arriving early so she would be the first one in line.  She adopted him, in her name, for me.

When I arrived home that day, he met me at the door and clasped my hand in his mouth as he does for greeting anyone he is excited to meet.  He also makes a little grunting growl as greeting.  He was so skinny, giving a hint at some recent neglect but he is such a sweet boy.  It is obvious that someone spent some time with him at some point in his life.  He is well behaved.  He waits at the door to be invited in or out.

A few days later, as Oliver buried himself under the closest chair and proceeded to have a seizure, I understood why someone would be unable to care for him.  After 3 seizures in about the same number of months, the vet put him on Phenobarbital and he rarely now has about 1 to 2 seizures per year.  However, he went from his skinny little self to a chunky monkey in just a few weeks.  My sister couldn’t believe how quickly he fattened up the next time she saw him.  He loves his food, almost as much as I love mine!

Oliver and Jack are best buds!  They love to wrestle- Jack outweighing Oliver by about 55 pounds, is gentle and lets Oliver win all the time.  They love to play football outside.  Jack runs with the foot ball in his mouth and Oliver chases him.

Oliver loves to burrow under the covers and is very conservative with his kisses.

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  1. Oh he is just so adorable–he must really appreciate his new home so much! I grew up with a mini poodle, my “Jou-Jou” (which means toy or playmate in French) she had seizures and had to be put to sleep; back then they didn’t treat them with much I guess–anyway she was a little heartbreaker of a gal–even went ice fishing with my Father and uncles…she had little red booties for her lil pawsies…I still miss her….hugs, Julierose

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