February Month by Month Row by Row Pinyin Park

panda block

Pinyin is one of the Chinese words for Panda.

Good morning all,  as you can see, this month’s row is a row of Pandas!  Pull out your black, white, and a simple background color- I chose gray.

I have yet to add eyes to this row which I will do when I find just the right thing- a button probably…

We are going to put this block together in rows as well.  So, starting with the top row

The center gray block is 2.5 X 2 inches- cut 5 of them.  The black ear piece is 4.5 X 2 inches- cut 10.  The outside gray corners are each a 2 inch square (cut 10),  draw a diagonal line, sew on the line to attach it to the black corner just as you would for making a flying geese block.  The inside gray corners are cut to 1.5 inch square (cut 10).  IMG_3720Just make sure that these two are mirrors of each other for each block.



Row 2 is the bear’s forehead.  It is made up of two half square triangle units and one long rectangle.  The white rectangle measures 7.5 X 2 inches- cut 5 of them.  For the corners which are half black and half white, take a black square and a white square, both measure 2 3/8ths  square (cut 5 black and 5 white).  Draw a diagonal line down the middle and sew on both sides of the line using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.


Row 3 are the bear’s eyes.

each end is a white rectangle 2 X 4 inches- cut 10

Each eye is a black rectangle cut 3.5 X 4- cut 10 the white corner on each eye is a square cut 1.5 inches-cut 10, diagonal line drawn on the back,  and then sew to the black – sewing on the line.

The middle white piece is cut 1.5 X 4 inches- cut 5




If you sew all those rows together, so far you have this…


The 4th row is the nose row.  It is made up of one flying geese block and 2 white rectangles.

For the flying geese- cut 5 black rectangles 3.5 X 2 inches and 10 white 2 inch squares.  draw diagonal lines on the squares and sew them onto the corners of the rectangles- sew on the line.   Sew on one corner, trim, press open then sew on the other corner.IMG_3838



Sew a white rectangle to each end.

The last row is simply one long piece cut 10.5 X 2.5 inches- cut 5 of them.

The most complicated part of the block is sewing the nose piece to the eye piece and lining up the points.

When you are done, sew them together, matching points and seams on each block.

2 rows

Here are my two rows together.  I have not sewn the two rows to each other yet.  I am waiting to see if I want a coping strip of some kind between all the rows.

I hope you have enjoyed putting the February row together.  March will be another pieced block and then April- another animal block…

I would love to see your rows once they are made.

Happy rowing!

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