June already????

Wow!  I can’t believe it is suddenly June.  Life has been so crazy busy and the first thing I must do is apologize for not getting my monthly patterns out.  I hope that project will continue very soon.  I won’t go into the details of why that hasn’t happened just know that there hasn’t been even one second available for quilting in the last 3 months. Here is some of what has been worth celebrating…13233065_1074023516019159_3833847714861175067_n

First of all, I completed my first half marathon!!!!  I am so proud of myself!

And, as you can see in the above picture, my lovely daughter graduated high school!

13268512_1076837832404394_4040459688552050165_oOne of my recent projects.

13227441_1076837829071061_6726784398807625292_oTake a close look in the background and you will see that my Valentine quilt is still hanging.  I haven’t gotten around to taking it down and here it is June.  This display will stay up on my daughter’s piano until the party is complete this weekend.  then I might think about changing things up a bit and can focus on getting her ready for college in the fall.

In all the craziness, we did take a few minutes, on Memorial day to attend the local Botanical Gardens.  Everything was lovely!

And, my major project recently was painting and redecorating the guest bathroom…

The main focus was a the mermaid painting that my daughter created for me. This room went from African animals & masks to mermaids and sea creatures.  The walls were painted sea mist blue and the door and cabinet a little darker.  More pictures will come soon when I have everything all together.

I am definitely feeling the quilting desire.  However, tomorrow I start back to work as the Summer School Librarian and will be working all summer.  I will get a short 2 weeks off in late July/Early August before the new school year begins.  Main quilting goal, unfortunately will not be the row by row patterns but the quilts for my daughter’s dorm.

I hope everyone has a lovely summer of sewing!

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