Almost the end of Summer School

Summer School is killing me!  Actually, it has killed everything.  It has killed my careful diet.  It has killed my running.  And, it has most definitely killed my quilting which was already in great suffering.

However, I only have one more day of SS left.  Then I will have 14 days off before Registration for the new year begins.  Mostly I plan on cleaning house and working on the quilts and pillows for my daughter’s dorm.  I also want to get back on track with my exercise though it is much too hot to go out and run!!!!

Goals for the new school year…

  1.  to have less to do at work, thanks to some additional staff, and more time for my library specific concerns- including me writing a dossier in hopes of moving up a level in my licensure.
  2. To finish at least 1 quilt project per month!  I have got to get some of this stuff finished!
  3. get back on a training plan with the running- even if that means doing the elliptical machine until it cools down.


I did get a quilt project done this weekend.  It was four hours this morning…


A quilt and taggy blankie for a friend to take to her newest grandson who is expected next week.


Here is the front and below is the back…


I used fabric from my stash.  It is made by layering and turning the whole thing, then quilting it so there is no binding.  I love this method for quick baby quilts.  It was also a best option since my quilting machine is currently inaccessible due to the fact that most of my kitchen is in boxes underneath it right now-long story.  Had to quilt it the old-fashioned way- with my domestic machine and walking foot.

Here are the front and back of the taggie blankie I made to go with the quilt.

So, I already have some projects done for July.  Let’s see if I can cram in one more, maybe….

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