T Shirt quilt


Here is an example of the colors that I am dealing with in this quilt.  Kinda challenging, if you ask me.  Then, my daughter asked for scrappy looking.  I was surprised, out of the few choices I gave her, she chose scrappy.  Ok, I can do that.  I have enough pieces of fabric stashed away that I can keep quilting until 2099 without buying a single piece.  How many of you believe that will happen????


Hard to see on the oriental rug, but here is where I am now.  The backs of the shirts will be comprising the same design on the back of the quilt.  Most of her shirts are from her high school drama productions.  Then there is one from choir and one from her piano festival.  She has even found a few more for me to add in the blank spots on the back.  I could have made a huge quilt if I included the backs on the front, but she really just wanted a lap quilt for this one.  I started the t shirts on Friday, adding the interfacing on the back etc so I have made decent progress.  I can’t wait to show a finished front and back!  maybe tomorrow…

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