July Finishes


Well, it is officially a finish for July!  All bound, washed, and ready to go to the dorm…

It needed a wash right away because it was covered in fuzz, that black fabric seemed to be magnetic to the cotton batting fuzz!

Here are some views of the back.  Yes, it is pieced with scraps in addition to some purchased just for the back- I never buy enough…


Love how these stars turned out.  I enjoy a good old fashioned star block, even on modern quilts.


I always like red and black together too.  It is very dramatic.  Just what a Kilo Ren quilt needed.

IMG_4878And then there is also my baby quilt finish for July.  Can’t forget it.  Wow, two finishes in 14 days .  Good, considering I have completed almost nothing else this year on the quilting front!

The t shirt quilt is lined up for hand binding now, along with another baby quilt that I hope to get done very soon.  But, alas, I start back to work tomorrow.  Then, in a couple weeks, we will be moving the girl into the dorm and the boy will start his junior year of HS.

Dilemma for the day…do I spend my last free day quilting, or go for the pedicure that I so desperately need?  Clothes shopping- another serious need, or running errands?  And then, cleaning house is always up there on the to do list…hmmm, what would you do?


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