1st Olympic Finish


I LOVE to watch the Olympics and I also love that I have lots of time to bind quilts in front of the TV while my husband watches- he likes to watch even more events than I do.  So, here is my first finish for August and the first one of they Olympics.  It will be going to a teacher at work who is expecting a baby in the next week or so.  She won’t get much of a start to the school year before she gets to go on maternity leave.  Hopefully I get this to her before the baby comes!


Here is a glimpse at the flannel backing and an up close of the quilting, just simple rows of little flowers that look much like the ones on the flannel and on the front Bambi fabric.

In other news, we picked out our new counter-tops yesterday- long story but here they are…


I hope they get them installed before I have to move my daughter into the dorm.  Long story, short- we have basically been without the full use of our kitchen throughout the summer.


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