September actually had a finish…

I actually had a finish for September.  Can’t believe I squeezed it in with all that is going on…


This is a quilt that I made for the daughter of a friend.  She really loves Jasmine and my friend had commented that it is impossible to find bedding with just Jasmine on it- all the other princesses are usually included.  So, I found this panel and created some quick “Magic Carpet” blocks with coordinating fabrics- most from my stash.


Here is a closeup of the quilting- a quick easy pattern that will leave the quilt soft a supple.  I did a quick machine binding which I never do but knew I would never get this one done if I relied on hand stitching.  It would have sat here for ages.  It turned out fine.


For the back, I used up scraps to surround a coordinating Jasmine fabric.  My friend says her daughter is delighted and that is what is important.  It may not win any state fair ribbons but it won the heart of a little girl who is going to love it!  That is what is most important.

On an entirely different note- Yesterday was my last day as a high school librarian- for now anyway.  I am moving back into the classroom, teaching Language Arts to Seniors and Sophomores.  I am excited and a bit nervous since I have not been in the classroom for about 4 years.  I expect it will be a bit of a rocky start, switching over mid year but I am looking forward to getting back in my groove.  I hope to get back in my groove of running and quilting as well.  I am pretty sure I have gained back almost all the weight I lost last autumn.  gotta go eat something and tie on my running shoes now…

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