Wow, I can’t believe the end of the year is here.  It has been quite a year.  Our oldest child transitioned from High School to college this year which contributed to the busy-ness and confusion that seems to sum up 2016.  There was very little happening on the quilting front around here but I do have a few December finishes to show you…

First, here is the quilt I gifted to my son’s girlfriend for Christmas.  I got the idea from a 2012(?) quilt magazine- American Patchwork and Quilting I believe…when I saw the magazine, I already had these colorful pinwheels pieced.  They were a little bit larger than in the pattern though so I had to adjust the rest of the pattern to fit.

I call it Colors of the Wind.  I think the original pattern was called Merry Go Round.


It is a queen size quilt with a nice calming blue flannel print on the back.

Here is a close up and a picture of my son and Jade, his girlfriend.  I machine quilted it on my long arm with “Chamomile”,  my favorite pattern.


This is the second December finish- just did the machine binding today but my daughter has already enjoyed a nap under this quilt.  It is very much a cuddle quilt, with a nice soft flannel backing and washable wool batting, making it so fluffy!

Here is the back and the machine binding.  I never like to bind by machine, though hand binding is my least favorite part of this quilting addiction!  However, this came out pretty good- the back is never fabulous but I really wanted to get some cuddling with this quilt in before I put it away with all the other Christmas softies.  It is machine quilted with a pattern called “Flurry” (I think that’s what its called…)

Here, my daughter is modeling the crochet infinity scarf that I made for myself in November.  I am , maybe, about to figure this crochet stuff out…I made two more of these in different colors, one for my sister and one for my mom.



Now, I am working on dog sweaters and I have the yarn for a ripple afghan.

It’s been quite a lovely Christmas around here.  See some pics of our crazy family down below.

I have a few more days off work so I will be working on getting myself organized and setting some goals for health and quilting for 2017- post to come in the near future…

Happy Holidays & Blessings to all in the New Year!

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