Sewing day

Wow, some progress actually made today…

I stitched up 5 Block Lotto Blocks for January which I can’t actually show you until January.  However, my daughter has already been eyeing them and really likes them.  She thought they needed to be made into a big quilt.

I made some progress on the first of the graduation quilts.

First of all, in true quilter fashion, I did a double seam when sewing on the corners so that I could have bonus half square triangles.  I just did one of these to make sure I had the sizes correct.  I still have to cut out more white squares and sew them on.  img_5454


Here is the beginnings of the quilt along with the bonus square that may not be used in this quilt.  I am going with this simple pattern with a big red border to match the colors of the college the graduate will be attending in the fall.  Cherry & Silver along with black and white!  Go LOBOS!  I may have to audition a red sashing to see if I like it better than the above layout.  It looks awfully gray right now.

img_5451I also made the first LONG seam on the jelly roll race that will  either be the backing for the above quilt or will be a separate quilt.  I may opt for a nice soft flannel for the graduate’s backing.  Not sure yet.  I don’t think these colors are appropriate for the second graduation quilt I need to make though…

Now I am off to take my mom and her little dachshund to the vet.  Then I HAVE to do grocery shopping so this is probably all the sewing progress for today.  Maybe some crochet time later.

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