2017 Ambitions

This is where I will list my goals and update my accomplishments throughout the year- more for my own records and examination than for others but I hope it will be interesting.


So, last year, I managed to lose about 30 pounds and run a half marathon.  However, I gained back all the weight and haven’t been really running in forever!  My excuses were many- its too hot to run, too cold to run, I’m too busy, I’m too lazy…

For 2017, I want to get back with my running- no half marathon goal or anything so adventurous but more of a lifestyle change that can be continued forever and still accommodate my life and other interests.

  1. run or elliptical or hiking at least 3 days per week
  2. 100 days of miles challenge in 2017
  3. eat better- more fruit, more veggies, less sugar, less bread, less coffee creamer


Here I am going to include my list of works in progress, patterns or fabric I own that haven’t even been started, and quilts that absolutely need to be finished this year.  It is going to be a shocking list to some of you, others will be able to relate…

I have also decided to join the 17 projects in 2017 challenge.  See it here:   https://pomegranateandchintz.wordpress.com/17-ufos-in-2017/   My 17 projects are in bold.

  1.  barely started and must finish by May red, black, grey graduation quilt– double sided- completed June 2017
  2. not started or purchased yet, must finish by May graduation quilt
  3. must quilt & bind ASAP antique quilt for a friend- need to piece the back- NYE on the machine- 2 more rows to go, then binding.  I can’t find the fabric that I bought for binding…
  4. Lillian”s Disney quilt- double sided- need to finish piecing the back and quilt it…
  5. bind Lillian’s hand art quilt
  6. Orca art quilt started in a Gail Garber workshop
  7. Orca Bay mystery- finish piecing etc.
  8. Easy Street Mystery- finish piecing etc.
  9. Hand binding of Oklahoma Back roads-finished Feb. 11, 2017
  10. Hand binding of Orange/pink hearts quilt
  11. birds in the air blocks- won from block lotto- make into a quilt
  12. bind garden lattice quilt
  13. bind statue of Liberty QOV
  14. bind Quilts for Kids baby quilt and send off
  15. quilt & bind pagoda quilt
  16. finish applique, etc. geisha quilt
  17. finish 4 block a week quilt along
  18. finish row by row animal quilt and publish patterns on blog-done but still a flimsy
  19. finish 2 England/Europe quilts- one for me, one for my sister
  20. new paris blocks purchased for scrap quilt…
  21. 2 raggedy ann & andy quilt for me and mom
  22. safe haven quilt- started with a friend and now long forgotten
  23. sherbet colored layer cake blocks into a quilt
  24. french quarter green and brown- finish piecing
  25. Oliver’s picnic quilt
  26. quilt & bind sewing machine quilt
  27. Antique reproduction from Williamsburg museum
  28. Snapshots quilt along- need to finish blocks- only about half way through
  29. Row by row hawaiian fabrics- only about a third of the rows done
  30. bark cloth- need to quilt
  31. hawaiian fabrics collected- need to choose a pattern
  32. Sandia Sunrise- my own design- partially pieced
  33. polar bear- fabrics purchased
  34. cat and dog scrap quilt- fabrics purchased
  35. Harry Potter book shelf- partially pieced
  36. participate in block lotto as much as possible- starting with January blocks ASAP- 5 January blocks made on December 29th!

Is anyone overwhelmed yet?  I certainly am!!!!

37.  granny square scrap quilt- a few blocks done

38.  Orange Jelly roll race

39.  Ivory 9 patch- need to finish piecing

40.  I am sure there are more but that’s all I can remember without cleaning the sewing room which is almost too messy for me to get into to start working…oh, yes, Victoria falls- a scrap quilt in my own design.

41.  Brown and green 4 patch scrap quilt- made some progress in January

42. Tv cabinet runner

43.  modern quilt from a workshop

Ouch…I better get started.  Se why I have no time to run!!!!  Forget groceries, I will be sewing all day.


To add to the to-do list, my current passion is learning to crochet.  I started a lap afghan last night.  Looks like it will be smaller than I really wanted so I will finish it and then still want another one probably.  However, it is a good size for learning how to ripple.  I am trying to not have too many crochet projects going.  I just have this and an almost finished dog sweater right now.  But, I have yarn for so much more…


To top that all off, I absolutely MUST complete a dossier for work in order to earn a huge raise.  My personal deadline is March, though it really isn’t “DUE” until October.  Wish I didn’t know that…


Child number one is starting her second semester of college and is hoping to get an apartment next year rather than a dorm…

Child number two will be a senior next year and needs to start researching colleges…

My husband and I need more time together!  We would like to do more hiking, more backpacking, more photography outings- his hobby, not mine.

Would be great if I could become a better housekeeper in there and still find some time to enjoy reading and writing some fiction.  Has anyone figured out this cloning stuff yet?  I could use a few more of me…I’m sure we all could.

So, 2017, already as crammed full as all other years.  I will be celebrating accomplishments, not chasing after goals.

Blessings to you in the New Year!



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