Back to Running- Again


Yesterday, my husband and I did the Egg Nog Jog.  He walked and I ran/walked.  It just showed me how incredibly out of shape I have gotten since my Half Marathon in May.  Not sure why I always do this to my self.  I take up running in the winter and then when it get hot- 80 degrees by 7 am around here April-September, I always give up.  I hate heat and moving my body through the desert heat is NOT FUN! (Thinking of finally investing in that treadmill I have been wanting to switch out with my elliptical)

Yesterday was fun, if a lot of hard work.  The last time I had run was in October, putting in only 243.5 miles for last year, total.  img_5463

Notice the slow pace too which means I had done a LOT of walking on those runs.

That is about the pace I did yesterday as well.  Since, when I run, my pace is about 12-12:25, you can tell how much walking is added in.  I was carrying around about 10 more pounds since October, 25 overall since my Half Marathon.  I was ALSO carrying about an extra 5 pounds of mud on my shoes from the track.  It was muddy but a lovely view running through the valley- fields, geese, fluffy clouds over the mountains and volcanoes.

At the end of the Un-timed Fun Run everyone received a cup of low fat eggnog and a breakfast burrito- a local concoction of fried potatoes, eggs, cheese- and usually green chili but these had none- tough on your tummy after a run.  So, any health benefits gained during the run were immediately cancelled out!


One lesson I did learn is that I can not use the cold as an excuse not to run!  It was 45 degrees, sun shining even though it had been raining in the morning.  Before the first mile was complete, I was shedding my gloves and neck warmer- necessary before I started moving.  By the end of the race, I was wishing to get rid of my ear warmer but it was the only sweat band I had.  I also might have shed my outer layer ( I had on two long sleeved running shirts) if it had been easy to do.  My shoes are now caked with mud, good thing I was planning on getting new ones anyway.  img_5476

This is my goal poster for 2017.  I have joined the 100 Days of miles challenge at   I will be marking my runs on this visual, that is hanging in my office on a door that I have to use repeatedly every day, to remind me how much I have accomplished and far I still need to go.

After the failure- again- of my Nike running app, I have ditched it and am trying the under armor map my run app.  And I will have to re-familiarize myself with my FitBit Charge so that operator error does not occur again as it did yesterday- both trackers failed me 😦

I am taking today off from running and will be running tomorrow afternoon.  I only have a half day of work- moving us back slowly.  It will be very difficult.  This is the last day of my 2 week vacation where I can sleep til 7 or 8 and sit sipping coffee and reading blogs.

My running goals are even more important as I watch my parents with their health continuing to offer daily challenges and prevening them from doing what they enjoy.  Therefore, the goal this year is not really weight loss-though that has to be an added benefit- but to be healthy, active, consistent, eat better- so that I can enjoy life and all it has in store for me!

Happy 2017 everyone!  May the force be with you this year!

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