Some stitching

I made myself a sleeve for my new ipad this weekend.  This is actually the second attempt.  The first one came out too small and I ended up making it into a mug rug.  Didn’t get a picture of it- will show it later.  This will protect the ipad when I toss it into my purse and leave it laying around.  I LOVE my ipad!  It was to replace my Samsung tablet nook, my husband took that over and passed his Surface on to our son.  Musical devices around here…I didn’t realize that I could be so in love with a device- pretty sad actually- but it is awesome!

In other news, I washed my Christmas tree skirt and it got eaten by the washer/dryer…

This was a reversible tree skirt that I made- probably close to 13 years ago and we have used it almost every year.  One side was red and gold with formal floral prints, the other was blue and white with whimsical prints.  Rather than try to fix it, I think I will make it into place mats- which we always need since we have a glass table.  I think it is time for me to take on that wedge ruler version I have been planning for years.

I have been very lazy this week- almost no running.  I should really make it a priority today but there are so many errands that need to be done in preparation for the new week…Plus- I have a tutorial to write for that long lost animal quilt I started sharing with you last year.  It is a quilt top finally and I will be writing the entire thing in one post to get it out to you.  Hopefully that will happen within the next day or two- fingers crossed…

Happy Stitching!


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