Second finish of 2017


Its been about 10 years since I started this Oklahoma Back-roads quilt in a workshop with Bonnie Hunter.  I actually got to sleep under it last night. It always takes me forever to work on quilts for myself because I always jump to new project ideas and then there are those quilts that have deadlines that pop up all the time.

This is actually the first completed quilt that is actually ME.  I LOVE Civil War era looking quilts but I rarely use that fabric since I am usually making quilts for other people.  However, there are definitely some civil war reproductions in here and it has that overall look.


Here is my pieced back.  Maybe I will actually put a label on it someday.  I have been very lazy about that lately.

I was hoping this up close picture would show you the birds on the back but I don’t think it worked.  But, you can see some of the fabrics a little better.

feb8fe43-db3b-4289-85aa-99e74382ba25This morning, my husband and I did the Sweetheart 5K.  The weather turned out to be a quite pleasant 50 degrees during the run and the wind waited to pick up until we were almost done.

Now just waiting for the Walking Dead to come on, even though I am really hating this season.  Neegan is just too evil.

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