Bright Chevron


So, I have made a little progress on the Chevron quilt.  About a row and a half in maybe 2 hours of sewing.  It is going very slow because I am making each block, one at a time so that the fabrics stay in the order I put them originally.

I am also using the corner bonus blocks and using them as a Leader/Ender project at the same time to make some place-mats.  Here is the first one…


This is the pattern I am using for the Chevron.


The AP Physics project has commenced in my garage this morning.


Yes, that is my messy garage and my mad scientists at work.  Hopefully, by the end of next weekend, I will have a really awesome video to show you of a catapult that shoots perfect baskets!  Just depends on if these two can get the math done correctly etc.  Wish them luck!

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