Day 18 of Summer Break


Seems like this break is just flying by and I am not getting much accomplished.  I am really enjoying getting to know this little guy.  He is easy to care for and is a friendly creature once you prove to him that you are not going to let him just go back to sleep when he huffs at you.  He is growing like crazy but has no interest in any food other than his kitten kibble.  So far he has refused green beans- repeated attempts, meal worms- which are supposed to be a hedgie’s favorite, and chicken.  When you mix them in with his food, he is adept at picking out the kibble.  He hates bath time and so far we have not succeeded in cutting his nails.  IMG_5915

I have to admit, I never expected to like our little dragon.  But, he is so much fun to watch as he is full of little lizard antics.  He has already shed once because he is growing like crazy!  He loves him some crickets!  The picture does not do justice to his beautiful orange jewel like spots.

I have been doing some sewing- sorry no pics at the moment- working hard to get those graduation quilts done!  I have also been to some training for work and that is where I am headed today and for the rest of this week.  This week it is AP US History training.

Yesterday was spent at the vet with three of our furries getting blood work and shots.   That was followed up by taking my BABY TO GET HIS SENIOR PICTURES TAKEN!  I am not sure how I got old enough to have a kid in college and a kid that is a senior in HS, but there it is…

The best part of the last week had to be the evening spent, as a family, at my husband’s work party.  We went to Main Event.

We bowled, rode some ride simulators, did some lazer tag, and my three adventurers tried out the ropes course.  My husband said he was never doing that again!  He did not like the idea of an old guy falling and dangling above everyone’s head for all to see.

I have not been running as much as I should be and this week is basically out since I am in training from early to late.  I also have a grad quilt deadline that has to be met so that is going to take priority if I find any energy in the evenings.  Basically, if it doesn’t get done by the end of this weekend, I am in trouble…

I am trying to start each day with mindfulness.  Focusing on gratitude and intention.  I hope to have this habit established by the time school starts up again.  I am currently reading The Book of Joy about the discussions of the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu.  It does offer some food for thought.

Hope everyone of you is enjoying yourself and soaking up all the things you can be thankful for.


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