trying so hard to de-clutter


Here is what I spent my time doing yesterday, with the reluctant help of my son- cleaning two problem spots- what am I saying?  All spots in my house are problem spots…Anyway, I cleaned the laundry room- not because I am a responsible housekeeper who does that sort of thing but because I have a repairman coming today to fix my dryer and had to give him a pathway.  This picture is, of course, before the week’s + worth of laundry is put back in.  (notice I haven’t shown you the upper shelves since I didn’t get to them…)

Best cleaning tip I have ever gotten, my assistant at work told me that I could clean the dirt from corners, door thresholds, and baseboards with Magic Erasers.  I was skeptical since I have never found much use for the things.  But, I used them in the laundry room yesterday to clean up the goop around the baseboards and corners and it was awesome! I need to do every door and baseboard in the house now…


Here is the truth of just part of that laundry sitting in the living room while I cleaned.  Note: Jack is really trying to help me.


Here is the other task my son and I worked on- taming the under stair closet.  One large bag of trash and more than one large bag of donation items came out of there.  This is the result, along with a few piles to go through sitting in my office.  What you can’t see is the additional storage behind that wall that is crammed full as well as the backpacking gear- used once- that sits to the right of this new organizer.

My house is pretty embarrassing actually.  I am hoping that revealing my lack of housekeeping skill here will encourage me to get it in shape.  Nothing else is working…

You would actually die if you saw my sewing room!

It does not help that all of my daughter’s dorm stuff is sitting out in the living room still.  I bought some containers yesterday so we could sort through it and contain whatever needs to go back with her in August.  She is a worse hoarder than I am.  🙂

I have recently worked on the office and it is better- I can actually sit in there to work on planning for this next school year- but it still needs at least a day of work!

Unfortunately, I have no time for de-cluttering today as I have meetings to go to at work- Yes, I am a Teacher-Librarian who is “off” for the summer and have spent more days working than anything else.  People think teachers have it so good with summers off but what they don’t know is we continue to work our tails off like always.

I didn’t get to the gym yesterday and will have to try to cram it in between work and picking my husband up at the airport tonight.  We’ll see if the motivation gets me there or not…

Tomorrow, I am getting a much needed and long overdue haircut and color!   Woo Hoo!

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  1. I wish more people understood how much time teachers work during their off time, and in some schools it is mandatory, but the time is really donated. I only worked one place that was careful to pay us for meetings that were mandatory, but getting our rooms ready for a new year or packing up after an old year, well that was our own time. Good for you being a teacher who cares, and good luck with the decluttering of mess, I have been working on that for years, and for getting the daughter back to school. I can’t even think about that. Our last one leaves for what may be the last time this fall. Boo Hoo!!


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