Day 49 of Summer


As I nurse my cup of coffee, Jack is so bored with me that he is staring out the window begging for something to bark at. Actually it seems a very appropriate picture for the way I feel right now.


I finally got myself to the hair salon and did something about my boring color and air dry curls.  I was getting very lazy with my hair and I had forgotten how good it feels to actually be coiffed.  I really needed those bangs to hide my high forehead.  I always forget how much better bangs look for some reason…


Yesterday’s hour on the treadmill was very much needed, though, truthfully, I would have preferred to go to Dubai.  I love a good travel adventure.

Its been a rough week for me emotionally as I was confronted with what I felt was a professional slight at work and am having a hard time recovering.  As I age, I am confronted with the clarity that I am not a bounce back kind of person.  I really take things personally and have strong responses to what others see as a non-issue.  I feel like I work so hard to be successful and professional at work with little result.  So, last night I downloaded this book…



I have been eyeing it for a while now and finally gave in.  I would really like to be able to have things just roll off my back and move on.  I have only made it through a few pages but it is good.  Hope that I can take it to heart.

However, my biggest supporters, my husband and my sister, both agree that I am not over reacting to what occurred.

So, I am doing some serious professional soul searching and hoping I can turn my frustration into the appropriate professional energy to get through this and make it a positive.


So, on the calendar for today is:

  1.  another trip to the gym- not feeling it yet but the deadline, if I don’t make it there before, is to meet my husband there after he is done with work
  2. getting some laundry done now that my dryer is temporarily functioning again
  3. doing some work from home which I may end up putting off until Monday since I am having such a struggle in that area right now
  4. ignoring the quilting commitments I have made but have no time or creative energy for
  5. Prepping for the next week as it is full of important life events:  Sunday is my 22nd Wedding Anniversary, Tuesday is my husband’s birthday, and Friday is my son’s 17th birthday.

I am really hoping to be able to focus on these positive events as I struggle to recapture some positive professional energy for the busy back to school season that is barreling towards me.

Positive thoughts sent in my direction would be much appreciated right now.  Hope you all are enjoying what you love today and this weekend and hope you have some positive vibes coming your way as well!

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