Day 59 of Summer

Man, its been a week…and why I am wide awake at 2am when I have to work registration at my high school at 8am, I will never know.

Warning- some graphic wound pictures coming…My daughter got bitten by a great dane this week.  She was trying to cuddle and got too close for the dog’s comfort. The first picture is right after the incident happened.  Second picture is after more than 3 hours in the ER waiting room- well, if it didn’t need stitches before, it sure does now…and the last picture is after the stitches.  She goes tomorrow to get the stitches removed.  There is also 2 stitches on her lip but everything is healing nicely.  I think she learned a valuable lesson- unfortunately the hard way- but she will always love dogs and want to cuddle them as if they are all a part of her individual pack.

IMG_0393The next day, we celebrated my husbands birthday.

That is a lovely apple pie with crumble topping that I most certainly did not make myself!  I told him I did though and he believed that for all of like 2 seconds.


Then we celebrated my son’s 17th birthday.  Here he is pictured with his girlfriend at Jinja- his choice for dinner.  Other than that, the kid just got money cause he never wants anything other than on-line gaming stuff.  He starts his senior year of high school in about a month.

Yesterday I threw in the towel.  I had had enough of life and doing what needs to be done but never seeming to make any progress so I basically locked myself in the quilt room all day.

IMG_0412 (Edited)

This is a project I have wanted to start for awhile now so I just pushed everything else aside and went for it.  I cut all the owls out and then went to my 2.5 inch strip box- pretty much cleaned out all the brights I had in it and still had to cut more.  I am about half way done with the other 11 blocks.  I hope to have enough squares left over for a border and I have matching fabric with smaller versions of the owls on it.  My husband journeyed in after about 4 hours, I think to see if I was alive- he NEVER enters the quilt realm- its way too messy for him.  However, he really liked what I had done.  He asked what it was for (since I have so many things on the list that I should be doing for gifts etc. ) and I told him it was a purely selfish “because I want to” quilt.

The only reason I had room to work on the owls was because I had put this other project away to make room for making some changes to a backing for one I am supposed to have quilted a long time ago.

IMG_0399It will come out again after the owls are done, or soon after…I am making good progress on it- this is the one that is supposed to be my leaders/enders project that I got too obsessed with.

I also have the strips cut for my son’s graduation quilt.  He decided on blues and gave me the choice of two patterns from the ones I showed him.  I am going with a strip twist- you can find the pattern on Bonnie Hunter’s site but I had it all figured out already from a picture on pinterest before I realized it was her pattern.

Happy sewing everyone!

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