Day 64 of summer


Made some progress on my owl quilt.  It needs a border now.  I was originally planning on a scrappy border.  In the next picture you will be able to see that I have plenty of squares left.  However, I am really not feeling it now.  I am thinking I need to find a bright- I think I have some of that yellow left- for a thin border and then the wider border of the owls in miniature.  The lighting is really bad in this picture.  I promise to take a better one when the quilt is done because the colors are fabulous!


Here is the only planning I actually put down on paper for this quilt.  Does anyone else work this way?  I often do most of the work in my head.  I rarely use patterns and when I do, I usually alter them in some way or create them myself in EQ7, but I have a few projects started- and about to start -that do follow someone else’s pattern.    It almost feels like taking a load off when I use someone else’s measurements etc.

See that pile of squares?  I am thinking I will use them and the scraps from the owls for place mats.  I always need place mats for my glass top table.

I broke down a few days ago and finally purchased this book.  It has my Peaceful Pagoda pattern in it.  IMG_0436




Today I went through and chose some of my preferred patterns that I might actually use someday.  I rarely do appliqué or foundation piecing but some of the following are very nice.


Here is my Peaceful Pagoda…
IMG_0442I do not like the measurements they came up with on the block though.  I used simple measurements to create it.  Maybe my stitch is that much off…

So, I only have one more week of summer break and two of those days I will actually be working registration- at my “old” school.

I have accepted the Librarian Position at my son’s High School.  He is a senior this year.  Hopefully I stay there a lot longer than he does!  I am really looking forward to it!  It is much closer to home, it is a much smaller library in size- not sure about number of volumes yet.  They are switching to a new check out system this year- which happens to be the one I am already familiar with!!! Yay!!!  August 7-10th will be spent in trainings, not sure about that Friday but school starts on August 14th…yep, that’s the same week we are supposed to move my daughter back in to the dorm.  Ugh.

Speaking of the daughter, her bites have healed nicely.  She is currently dog-sitting for a friend and will be visiting us for dinner.  It is so strange when the kids only sorta live at home…

Have you all gotten excited about the upcoming Gypsy Wife Sew Along at Gnome Angel?

I am thinking of joining in and using my music fabrics.  Thinking my opera singer/piano player/musical actress daughter could use a Gypsy Musician Quilt.  Probably going to use simpler blocks so that I can get some fussy cut images in.

I have really been trying to get my sewing mess cleaned up as I work on projects.  Anytime I have cut something, I finish cutting the fabric into strips and try to put the projects in a specified container.  So far, I have made very little room in the mess but it may turn out to improve things, we will see.


  1. Good luck on the new job. I always thought it was so exciting to start in a new position. Have fun on the move. Not sure when we have to do that but our daughter might be mostly on her own this year.


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