How did it get to be mid-October already?  I’m really  not sure…

Above is a crochet project I started last year- or maybe back in January.  It was meant to be an afghan for my own chair but it was the first ripple afghan I have done and turned out a lot more narrow than I needed, so, I finished it off shorter than planned and will be using it as a baby gift.  It will be sent off along with the following quilt, as soon as I get the binding finished…

It is a fire truck and fire dog themed quilt.


It is a nice cushy quilt with a flannel backing and washable wool batting.

Then, my husband requested a baby girl gift for a coworker.  I made this quilt as you go yesterday- just need to add the binding.  It has to be completed before Friday!

Then, I have my son’s denim quilt ready to sew the binding down…


It is still 80 degrees here so I might get it done by the time he actually needs it.

I have started a new crochet project and I have 3 graduation quilts that are barely started that I need to get moving on.  I would love to make some Christmas gifts but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen this year.  I will be doing well if I even get my house clean enough for hosting Christmas Day here as usual.

I neglected my run this morning and now its time to head out for the weekly grocery run.  There’s just not enough time…

Happy Fall Ya’ll!


  1. I was looking through your blog and thought: Whoa what are you going with my afghan?!??! I made nearly the same afghan except with a different palette, though I also used a variegated yarn in some of the ripple rows too! 🙂


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