End of Year Update

IMG_0909Christmas came quickly this year.  And what a Christmas it was.  I tried really hard to enjoy the time with my kids since I am very close to having an empty nest.  One is a Sophomore in college and one is a senior in High School.  Next fall they plan on moving in together in an apartment or small house so I figure it will be the last time they are really “home” for Christmas.  Maybe I will make them host next year…


Here we are on Christmas Eve.


And here are  our menagerie members- Sophie under the Christmas tree-she will be 14 in January and is definitely showing her age with arthritis.  Oliver lounging with me as I drink my coffee, and Maui asleep against the glass of his new high rise apartment.  He slept like that for more than a full day before Brian moved him to what he thought might be a more comfortable position.  It is Brumation (similar to hibernation) season and Maui is living it up.

Here are Tess- asleep on the sofa, and Jack-listening intently to whatever Brian is saying.  We also have a hedgehog but he NEVER pops his head out so I don’t have a recent picture handy.  We have to dig through his bedding to find him.  He is a sleepy boy and good at burrowing.

I have updated my quilting goals for 2018 on the Ambitions page.  Not feeling a great deal of motivation to get moving on them yet.  It does help to look through all the blogs I follow though.  You all do amazing work!  My main accomplishment this year is that I have read 33 books.  I have another one or two that will probably be finished before the end of the year.  The life of a librarian…

Hopefully this year will be more quilts, a few less books, and some great family time.  Health has to be a main focus as well, as does budgeting and home.  But, I am going to enjoy a few days off before I jump in with both feet.

Happy End of the Year!


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