Moving Slowly into the New Year


Happy New Year!  My sister got these cookies from a local bakery.  Aren’t they fabulous? They almost make me want to establish some resolutions but I am trying not to set too many lofty goals as I usually do.

My main focus for 2018 is health and happiness.  I plan to refocus on running, spend more time on quilting, and try to survive my transition to an empty nest as my baby graduates high school.  The plan is for him and his sister to find a house together as they are both attending the same university as of this fall.

IMG_0989Here are my two men trying Alligator for the first time.  I think they enjoyed it.  My daughter enjoyed a couple of pieces as well.  I managed to swallow 1 piece.  I had to work myself up to being brave enough to try it.  It tasted fine but the thought of eating Alligator made it difficult to swallow.  Glad my kids are both much more adventurous than I am but I am improving in my old age- due to fear of missing out on life mostly….

It has been a pretty lazy Christmas break with lots of just hanging out.  One and a half puzzles completed with the help of my daughter,  lots of family gatherings which have been very nice, and very little of anything else.

IMG_0987 I did manage to start on a second of the graduation quilts.  (of 3 I need to make) I am about half finished with the blocks and hope to get them done today.  My son’s is still in the sewing strips together phase and the third one still needs to be cut out.

Goals for today:  Some sewing, some cleaning & laundry, pick up a clean dog from the groomer, meet my husband at the gym- maybe I will run there- it only takes about 35-40 minutes with my super slow pace.  If I am super productive, I might manage to slip in an errand or two as well.  Guess I should start thinking about packing up the Christmas stuff too.  That’s never the fun part…

Also need to start my vision board for 2018.  More on this later…

Happy New Year!  Hope you all are still enjoying time off like I am!

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