Little progress…

IMG_0994(Edited)Since the last post, I have made very little progress on anything.  Not sure how to get myself back in the swing of things.

Here are the yellow & gray blocks for one of the graduation quilts.  I have started sewing the pieces together for the blue and white one which will be the same pattern.


You can see here that I managed to get Jack to and from the groomer.  She left him a mustache and he looks very handsome for a hairless poodle.  (Sebaceous adenitis)

IMG_1008 Yesterday, in addition to getting the Christmas decorations boxed up, we switched stoves with my sister.  She is about to sell her house but was willing to trade our older electric stove and matching microwave for her newer gas stove and matching convection microwave.  Microwaves are to be moved this weekend.

I think it is going to require a lot of relearning to cook since we have been using electric for about 14 years now.

During all this oven switching, my daughter decided it would be a good time to have an allergic reaction.  You know, the kind that make her almost pass out, heart pound, bumps in her mouth- luckily no trouble breathing this time.  All we can figure out is that it was the crust on the quiche that my mom made.  The crust was prepackaged/frozen in the pan and could possibly have been processed in a nut processing facility.  Good old Benadryl to the rescue.  Had to give her two before her skin would stop itching though so she was down for the count.  Oliver took good care of her…

IMG_1007 So, tomorrow is the official last day of my winter break.  I have a busy weekend ahead and Monday means heading back to work.

Rather than spend the time selfishly or in running errands, I think I will let the teenagers decide how to spend our time.

Hope you are getting lots of quilting done!


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