IMG_1032Last year’s running calendar comes down.  If you look closely I gave up keeping track for the last few weeks.  I wasn’t even close to my goal of 100 days of exercise.  More like 65.





IMG_1034 The spring running calendar goes up.  If you look closely at this one, you will see that I have only had 2 days  of exercise so far this year.  Gonna have to do better than that to make any progress this year.

I decided I wanted to create my own calendar this year so that I can add all the quotes etc that I want to motivate myself along the way.




Last night we went to see Cinderella.  It was a lot of fun!  The costumes were wonderful and the costume changes were pretty amazing.  We have season tickets so this is the first show of the season.  Next month is Swan Lake with the Russian ballet company and A Chorus Line (I think).

IMG_1027 The three little poodles went for grooming yesterday.  This is the before picture when they all piled into dad’s lap to try to get him to save them from their day at the spa.  I haven’t managed an after picture yet.  Hopefully I will catch them before they are grungy again.




I created this table mat yesterday so that I have a place to set my coffee and mess without hurting the table.  I am not thrilled with the quilting.  I did it on my sit down machine because it just wasn’t worth loading it on the long arm.  I have to admit that I would prefer it with a binding on its edge but I wanted to get it done so it is just sewn and turned before quilting.  I may have to add some brown ric rac or something.

IMG_1035 This is the beginnings of my son’s graduation quilt.  I worked on it and one of the other graduation quilts today.  I am actually making good progress on these 3 grad quilts and hope I will have them to show soon.

I have about 30 inches left of binding on my son’s lap quilt also.  I might get that done in the next day or so- not sure.  I have to head back to work tomorrow.  No more Winter Break for me.  I pretty much have to hit the ground running- it’s going to be a busy week.

Hope I get to grab a few minutes stitching every day though.  After the gym, of course…

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