IMG_1037  Can I just start by saying, I LOVE SNAPCHAT FILTERS!  They make you look 30 pounds lighter and 15 years younger!  Selfies are so much more fun now…

I have been very bad about getting to the gym so far this year.  I think I went Monday and haven’t been since.  Makes it seem like I am starting over every week.  UGH!  I have to do better!

This morning I was completely inspired by something I saw while looking through pinterest and quilting books on Amazon so I went up to the craft room and dug out the red triangle  BlockLotto blocks I won at least a year ago.


I just mixed in chunks of mostly neutral fabrics and now I have the quilt top about one third finished.  Above are the rows I still need to sew together.

Here are some picks of the ones that have already joined into a group…



IMG_1044When I get it all together, it should measure about 75 X 85 inches.  Not sure if I will add borders or not.  I have some half square triangles, red and white, that could work their way into this project if I don’t get in too big of a rush with it.

This is why I can’t get anything done, though.  I am in the middle of graduation quilts and got distracted by a new direction for a work in progress.  It was a good day of sewing though.


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