February Begins

Here are the birds in the air blocks that I won from Block Lotto last year (I think).  This is my UFO for February from my Challenge list.  There are 55 blocks and I have a few more cut out so it would be easy to add a few if necessary.

IMG_1145I was thinking about making half square triangles and setting them so that it made kind of a repeating stripe pattern around an off center diamond. But now that I have drawn it off in EQ7, I am not sure I like it.

My design is below.  The purple would actually be a variety of shades of blue and purple, as is the blue.

I may have to look at the designs I have saved on Pinterest again for inspiration because I am just not sure now…My design doesn’t look very much like a real Birds in the Air block and I am such a lover of traditional quilts that I may go more that route.

birds in the air diamond


Here are my very long lists for the challenge.  I know I won’t get even the 12 done probably but it is good for me to list all the projects I need to get done before I start others- though it never does stop me…

Below is my latest crochet project-a Cozy Stripe Blanket from the Attic 24 blog.  I love all of her work!  Her colors are amazing!   Then there’s me, enjoying my Super Scarf.  I love it!  And, I received some lovely compliments on it when I wore it to work!

Barely got the scarf finished in time as the last two days, though starting out around 30 degrees, turned out to be 70 degrees by 3PM.

Last night, my husband, daughter, and I enjoyed dinner at the Irish Pub (Two Fools Tavern) and then attended the Russian Ballet.  It was a lovely evening!  So much fun!  But, I was dragging all day today from staying up too late.

I think I will go do a row or two on my blanket in hopes of chasing the insomnia away now.

Happy February!

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