End of February

IMG_1148 So, I have to come clean and say that I have accomplished almost nothing on the sewing front this month.  I made these test blocks for an new project and that’s as far as I have gotten with them.  I made a few rows of my Birds in the Air quilt from the last post.  I have made a little progress on my crochet blanket.  See below…


I am very happy with how it is coming out.  I wanted to make more progress on it during the Olympics but I ended up watching more than hooking…

Mostly, this month, we have been shopping for a home for our children who will both be attending the same college starting in August.  We decided that it made more sense to pay the money on a purchased home rather than to pay it on dorms or an apartment.

It has been 14 years since we bought a house.  Do you know, buying a house is really hard work?!  We are now on our second offer and waiting to hear if we get an acceptance and to start inspections soon.  The first option, the inspections were so scary that we terminated.  There are just not that many great homes in our market right now.  Hopefully we will be all situated to move the daughter straight in from her dorm at the end of the semester so we don’t have to do double moves.  IMG_1183

My son likes everything very simple.  HE asked if he could just have a beige shower curtain.  I told him “No”, that he had to be a little more interesting than that, so this is the one he says he will go with.  Guess that’s what mom gets for giving him a hard time.  This curtain was found at Target.com by the way- in case anyone else thinks they need it.



Below you will see the first snow of the season here in the high desert.  The next day we actually got enough for the dusting to cover my son’s car.  Tonight it has been raining.  We are going to have quite a drought this summer.  This is the least amount of snow we have received in as long as I can remember.  We usually at least get one good storm in January.  That didn’t come this year.


Hope everyone is making more progress on their projects than I am.  Its going to be a crazy couple of months trying to complete 3 graduation quilts and a professional dossier, all while purchasing a house and getting things slowly moved in.

Thankful for this craziness that is my life.

Happy stitching!

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