IMG_1336  Wow, I have been so busy!  Not sure if I will ever have anything done that needs to get done!

A couple of weeks ago, I was working on this quilt for my daughter.  I think this is the layout I am going to go with.  Liked best by all my family members.

I did get chairs recovered for the College Kid Cottage…

Here is the Before (beige) and after (grey & black).


I have been working on a lap afghan for them as well.  No hurry to get it done as the temps will be in the 80s very soon around here.


Last week was prom, and my son didn’t decide he was going until 48 hours before the dance.  Imagine the scramble to find a suit for the 6 foot tall kid in that amount of time.  That’s him on the right, with one of the many friends he went with.

I’m glad he went.  He had a lot of fun!  And now is paying for the busy, fun weekend with a cold.

I have a day off today to take my daughter to a voice competition.  I will also be spending some time at the Cottage and start my day off with my first real outdoor run in a long time.  I signed up for the 25 week training program last night to get me back to half marathon before my 45th birthday in late fall.  Its cold out there this morning but I’m going anyway.  Thinking it may be too cold to take the naked poodle though…

I’m going to need as much support as I can get to wake up before the sun all summer.  I hate to run in the heat.  That’s always why I stop running.  I am determined to tough it out this year!

I passed my Level III Dossier so I am at the highest licensure level I can go as an educator.  I started the end of the year inventory in my library.  My son has about 14 school days left in his senior year.  My daughter has about that in her sophomore year of college, I have more like 30 school days left since I go a week past teachers and underclassmen.  Don’t think the graduation quilts are going to get done in that time so they may end up being “Welcome to college quilts”.


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