Running,  I have started my 25 week half marathon training…I am on week 2 and I suck!  I have always been a slow runner but when I ran my half marathon two years ago, I was averaging 11-12 minute miles. I am back down to about 15-16.  Most of my problem is that I am still doing most of my runs on the treadmill and then my long runs outside.  Makes those long runs REALLY DIFFICULT!  Two more weeks of school and then I will start doing all runs outside and add a 4th run per week-except I have Jury duty after that-keep your fingers crossed for me for them not needing me very often! I am currently only getting three in.  Its always hard for me to make time for that 4th run.


Sorry, this is the only picture I have for you this week-my new running shoes.  They are even more serious for stabilization than the ones I have worn for years.  They are also supposed to be more cushy.  They feel great on my feet but they make my legs really tired while running.  I will have to talk to my Run Fit coach and see if that is a good thing.

I have done no sewing, no crochet,no house cleaning…not here anyway- every free moment I have had for the last 4+weekends has been spent at the College Kid Cottage.  AND WE STILL DON’T HAVE VERY MUCH MOVED IN…Hopefully we make progress on that this weekend.

I have noticed that I have had a great many followers added in the weeks that I have been away.  I hope to hear from you all-let me know which part of the blog you like to hear about.  Since summer is coming, and I am going to have an empty nest soon, I hope that there will be lots to blog about.

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