Summer running and sewing

Yesterday I had what I think was a life-changing run.  You may be thinking that I mean it was the best run I had ever had, that I had some sort of epiphany in the course of placing one foot after the other.  Epiphany, yes, but not in the way you think.  I have been seriously dedicating myself to running again for the last 7 weeks and have seen very little improvement.  Most of my runs have ended up being on the treadmill due to the heat in the afternoon.  Then I do my long run, on the weekend, outside.

Yesterday’s run was TERRIBLE!  I was supposed to do 5 miles on Saturday with my running group.  I even set my alarm.  But I hadn’t slept well, had been having a lower back issue all week, and was lazy so I skipped it.  I went out yesterday to try to do it around home.  It was about 7am when I left.  72 degrees, slightly cloudy.  I did not take my dog because was still feeling stiff in my back and didn’t want to wrestle with him on a long run.  He still gets excited and forgets not to pull, especially on the way home.

I didn’t leave enough time between eating and starting out, I am still breaking in new shoes, I can come up with a hundred reasons that the run sucked but the truth is, I had only run 2 times in the last week and those were on the treadmill.  I can feel like I am totally kicking butt on the treadmill and then step outside the next run and I am dragging.  That is even with following my running coaches treadmill recommendations for training.

So, new goals for the summer…4 runs per week, all outside!  The alarm is set for 5am everyday of the week now.  This morning I got up, ate a bagel with peanut butter, fed the running buddy, then went to get ready.  I was out the door by 6:40.  It was  cooler.  I had my running buddy with me, I only had to do 30 minutes instead of 5 miles.  I went for 38 minutes, including warm up.  My pace was not better but I sure felt more accomplished, not like I was running through quick sand or up Mt. Everest.

Tomorrow will be rest day and then, hopefully, I won’t have Jury duty on Wednesday.  This is my last week.  Knock on wood- I have gotten off easy- only been called in once for 1 hour.

I did get some sewing done this past week and am actually starting to get the itch again.  I went through the pile of clothes from my husband’s closet clean out and salvaged some of the Hawaiian shirts.  I added a t-shirt waist band with my serger and …

It was really easy- I used one of my favorite hiking skirts as the basic pattern though this one is more full than that one.  The only gathering I did was by sewing on the waist band while stretching it to fit the skirt.  Now I just need to learn to do some alterations to my t shirts to make them more attractive.  They are always too long or too short.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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