Summer Solstice

Finally, some progress on something.  This quilt top is ready for quilting.  It has been stewing for years but is now ready to become a queen size quilt.


I have also made progress on the graduation quilts that are very late!  This one is ready to be quilted and the other one just needs the wide border added to it.  It is pretty much the same as this one but is blue and white.  However, I need to dash over to the shop today to see if they have more of that yellow daisy for the backing.  I thought I had bought enough but the piece I can find is not nearly enough.  I have plenty for the blue one and they were purchased at the same time.  Why wouldn’t I have bought the same amount????

On the agenda for today…

I ran this morning.  Almost 3 miles.  I am still struggling with the first 30 minutes of the run.  After that, I usually get into my groove.  Wish it didn’t take so long.  After I shower and get a few things done here, I will be heading over to the Kiddie Cottage to get some things done there.  The AC should be fixed this weekend so we can actually get them moved in!  Like, to stay there…over night…like, so I can clean up some things here…

Then I have a meeting this afternoon for work.  Just popped up out of the blue really.

I can’t believe its the Summer Solstice already!  Where did June go?  I have to go back to work in less than 5 weeks.  UGH!  So much to do before then.

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