Pet Selfies

The most current project…about to add another round of blocks today.  Its a BRIGHT one!  It has been a lot of fun to work with.  Not sure where it will live when completed.

This one is ready to go on the quilter.  Made from my husband’s cast off Hawaiian shirts and then I found the perfect border.  That green strip is from my stash but now I will have to go get something similar for binding or use a dark red that I have.  The backing is a brown, simple floral piece I had in my stash.  Can’t wait to quilt this one but there are those graduation quilts that should go first… I really want to get them done and am happy with how pretty they are- not sure what is stopping me except that I have to embroider the labels on the backing and that is not my favorite thing to do even though it is by machine.  I have so many other ideas for being creative…


By far the most time consuming project this week was finding a second car for the college kids.  We had planned on them sharing but they both have jobs, on opposite ends of town.  Goal: easy on the gas, don’t break the bank, last them through college…And it was important that the AC worked well since it has been 107 for about two weeks now.  I think we did okay.  Plus, its a gorgeous RED!  Black interior though which is absolutely blistering around here.  Thinking of buying some white towels just to line the seats to make it cooler in there.

Ont he running front.  I just ran my third run for the week.  I have struggled this week as all the weeks before.  It has been 8 weeks and it doesn’t seem to be getting much easier.  I think I am going to have to look at joining Weight Watchers again to get some pounds off in hopes of making the runs improve.  Also, running with my standard poodle, Jack, seems to make me more frustrated than supported.  He sometimes has good runs where he is cooperative but often he is just so easily distracted by people and other dogs that I spend all of my energy controlling him.  He also drags more on some days which is a pain.  More training?  not sure…

Goal tomorrow is 7 miles with the running group.  Hopefully I can get in my groove and not battle myself the entire way.

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