Rainbow Scrap Challenge for March

Wow! I took one day off of sewing and pretty much forgot how to do it. Definitely forgot how to READ a PATTERN!

I was really disappointed to start my green rows for this quilt, only to find out that I had pieced my flamingo corners wrong and they had to go! And no more FLAMINGO fabric. (please ignore the stained ironing board- I have fabric for a new cover but can’t locate the staple gun out in the messy garage!)

I chose these squares from my 5 inch square bag. I love them- who doesn’t love a good mermaid?- but they are lighter pink than the rest. However, after a few minutes of it finished and hanging near my sewing machine, it is starting to grow on me. See below…

And, while all this resewing was going one, I ended up making the green strips too long and had to trim them all down.

I have now left myself sticky notes on the pattern to remind me to PAY ATTENTION when I pick it up for April’s blocks.

Then I decided I would play with some free pieced flowers with the RSC each month. Not sure if I like it or not…we will see what comes of it. Added my sweet Gracie beside it just for fun!


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