Slow progress on things…

I have been pretty busy so far this month so sewing has fallen to a snail’s pace. I did grab enough time to get my January rows completed on my Temperature Quilt and I have February cut out.

I am maybe regretting the choice of hearts for February, only because those corner squares are 1 inch. Ugh! Hard to hold on to…

A few months ago, I gathered up a lot of yarn and unfinished crochet projects and donated them to my church group since I am beginning to realize I will never finish all the projects I have started and purchased for!

So I was delighted to see this yesterday! This is just a quarter of what was on display yesterday as being ready to donate. My projects that I started and someone else has finished are the two on the right with the coral yarn mixed in and the blue fluffy one that is 5th from the right. So happy that they will finally be used and loved!

This week I am teaching a quilting class, then I hope to really focus on getting some things completed!



  1. It’s hard when life gets in the way of quilting. But congrats on getting January done on your temp quilt. How unique to change the blocks each month. And Whoot! Whoot! for moving unfinished project from your closet to be finished and donated. Kudos for moving things along.

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