Family and Travel

Obviously this page has not been updated in years!  I will work on that.  Here are some more recent pictures…


My son is working on getting his Helicopter Pilot License…


In the fall, my husband and I took an extended trip to Florida and enjoyed many beaches, many hours in the car together, but I think his favorite part was the Kennedy Space Center Tour.  He follows all the news about Space X very closely so he loved seeing the launch sites!


My daughter feeling playful on a trip we took to Ft. Worth just before Christmas.  She has her Master’s Degree in Opera Voice Performance and is currently teaching private voice and piano lessons.


One of my  fur babies, Cosmo.  He is a sheepadoodle, 1 & 1/2 years old. My constant companion.  Such a love- bug!


My other fur baby, Gracie,  is a year older than him and very much a loner and secret cuddler.  She only will cuddle with you if she thinks you are sleeping…

Update:  Here is the update about our Spring Disney trip.  We had a lot of fun!  My daughter’s choir sang at Disneyland.  They did an awesome job and had some great workshops!  We also spent a day at Huntington beach.  It was chilly but lots of fun!

103 (2)

Disneyland in the Spring…

Lilly’s school choir will be singing there and we just HAVE to go hear her- and spend a couple of days being kids again.

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