Meet Jack


Above: Jack and Oliver, just after Santa had arrived.


Jack is my Standard Poodle that will be 2 years old in February.  He is energetic and always looking for trouble.  He eats anything he can manage, and he can manage a lot- like an entire dishtowel that had to be surgically removed.  We have to watch him constantly!  He loves to wrestle with his best friend, Oliver.  They also play football in the back yard together when ever we allow- they make a lot of noise so we try not to annoy the neighbors too often with a rowdy game.

Jack is my running buddy.  He usually drags me, though, until about mile 3.  I love it when I have worked up to those longer runs and actually have him running at my pace- which is a crawl.  Jack and I have not gone running in over 50 days now, due to weather.  I am very particular about the temperature of my runs and I do not do well in our southwestern desert winds.

Jack has an auto immune skin disease that causes him to have dry patches, that occasionally bleed.  It also causes him to lose his hair. (sebaceous adenitis for those that are curious) That is why he is not especially curly , except on his head, and why he looks so scraggly.  I promise you, he is not neglected despite his street mutt appearance.   There is no cure for this disease- it is treated with fish oils, safflower oil, vitamin A and he is bathed regularly- as often as possible- in a special shampoo.  If he gets really itchy, he gets steroids from Dr. Mike.

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