Quilting Disney


Here is the finished Minnie Quilt- not in the greatest light.  It was much loved at the baby shower.  I found the Minnie Mouse embroidery machine pattern at Etsy.

IMG_3731Here is the back.  I chose white flannel and it showed off the quilting nicely.

Below is a picture of the quilt along with the double sided receiving blanket I made.  One side is flannel and the other is a nice soft corduroy.  The expectant mommy loves Minnie Mouse and it was so much fun to create with the Disney theme.



Continuing with the Disney theme but in an entirely new direction…I worked on my daughter’s Kylo Ren quilt today.


Here are the corner blocks I made.  Stars for the Star Wars quilt…











And here is a glimpse of the center as it starts to come together.  Right now the quilt is almost as wide as it needs to be but needs to be much longer to fit an extra long twin dorm bed for next fall.  Hopefully I will get to those blocks tomorrow.

Not the most feminine of bedding but my girl is all about her fandoms!  No flowers or girly stuff for her.  She wants Captain America, Supernatural, Star Wars, and the like.  She would also take anything Disney and anything to do with Broadway Musicals.  Right now she is submersing herself in all things Hamilton– a musical about Alexander Hamilton that I think is mostly rap????

HAhaha- I just noticed I misspelled my tag on the picture-figures!  Good thing that is not the final one.  And on the picture above that, I used a capital N where a lower case should be.  I am just batting a thousand tonight!


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