Spring Break

So far, my Spring Break has been a lot of this,


And this,


and this…


That last photo is a the progress I have made on two of the graduation quilts I have to have done by end of May.  I have made good progress this week but still have a lot to go.  The pattern is from this book:


I have been doing a lot of being lazy and not a lot of getting healthy or cleaning house.

I have also been dealing  with the College Kid Cottage (CKC) that we are in the process of acquiring for our adult children who will both be attending University in the Fall.  Our daughter is a Sophomore there now and our son is graduating HS in May.  When we started comparing the cost of two dorms or a 2 bedroom apartment in the area, we decided a house purchase would be the better place to put that money, in hopes of getting a return on the investment through rent or sale when the kids no longer needed a place to live for school.  Its a really cute little place and just needs a few little things done to it.  It is basically move in ready so as soon as we close in about another week, we can start moving all the stored items from my garage.  Between my sister moving house recently, and my own hoarding tendencies, we basically have the place outfitted already.

IMG_0298 Here is the beginnings of my first project for the CKC.

It will be a pillow that is made from upholstery samples my sister had and (GASP!) was going to throw away when she moved.  I will back it with the fabric that I have purchased for reupholstering the stools that go with their pub table- a project I am hoping one of them will help me with this weekend.  I also have the stain for refinishing a coffee table but the weather is too cold this week to start that one, though I will probably get the sanding part done soon.


I should probably think about changing the heading for my blog, as my daughter will turn 20 next month and thus, will no longer qualify as a teenager.  Where has the time gone?  I don’t think I am ready for this empty nest thing- except that my graduate is being a bit snarky and sassy- could do without that.  Life has been crazy and looks like it will only get crazier before it calms down- maybe by next fall?????

Anybody have pointers on how to stay sane between now and then?




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