Oh, June

June hasn’t been very nice to us around here…First, our air conditioner went out just a few days before my daughter’s graduation party,  so there was a rush to get that fixed.  Then, my son was driving through a parking lot and got backed into, not his fault but it was his first accident as a new driver.  Stressed him out and the repairs won’t happen until July.  Then Oliver (furry baby) got very sick which was finally resolved with me pulling a 3 inch long blade of grass from his nose after two weeks of misery and contemplation of a rhinoscopy- thank goodness that didn’t have to happen!  And now, our outside hose bib sprung a leak and has destroyed my kitchen wall on the side where the sink is.  We are facing-possibly- a large remodel that we hadn’t planned on doing- ever- as we were contemplating moving out in about 2 years when my son graduates from high school.

All of this is occurring while I am working 9.5 hour days at summer school.  So, when given the chance to take a break yesterday, we did.  13495219_1094336577321186_3997744488736811621_n

Here are my son and daughter-both on the left- with their significant others, in my cousin’s pool.  It was 103 degrees so the water was the only solution.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about quilting but since life is not cooperating, thinking is ALL I am doing.

Wish me luck, as they come to demolish my kitchen in less than 24 hours.

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