Finally Spring Break!


I haven’t written in a while, which seems to be my usual…However, I did have a finish in February.  This quilt, that has been in the works for YEARS, finally got the binding sewn down and is hanging in m stairway.  It is made from block lotto blocks and a bunch of free piecing.


This morning I pulled out the serger and had my engineer help me thread it so that I could sew up some doggy t shirts.  Jack gets really hot in the sun when we are walking or running so we are hoping these will help him be more comfortable.  If this doesn’t do the trick, I guess I will be ordering one of those really expensive cooling shirts for dogs.  Albuquerque sun is brutal on the skin!

IMG_5585 Lillian and I finally went for the mother-daughter tattoos that we have been talking about since Christmas.  Mine is the more swirly one while she went with simple and neat.  It did not hurt nearly as bad as the one I have on my lower back but it did hurt.

The significance of the manta ray is that they are my daughter’s favorite animal and have been since she was about 8 and we went to Sea World where she was able to pet them- which she did for hours.  She visits them regularly at our local aquarium.  Also, we both really love the movie Moana and the character Gramma Tala.

When your almost 19 year old is willing and requesting that you get matching tattoos with her, you do it…

I am currently quilting the first quilt of Spring Break….


It is one my mother made.  There are many more waiting to jump on the machine so hopefully it is the first of many this week.  However, towards the end of the week, my husband will be heading to the mountains for a very quiet, relaxing retreat…on an alpaca farm.  My daughter can’t believe we are going without her but she has to start back to school tomorrow.  It would be way too much to ask to have the university spring break match up with the high school spring break!

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