Summer Begins

18425560_1069797679822734_883880857917657417_nSo, it has been quite a school year.  I am ready for this break.  I really do want to spend some time focusing on myself this summer and reuniting with the things that bring me pure joy.  I plan on lots of running, lots of sewing, and lots of reading, as well as finding as much time to enjoy my family as possible.  I have exactly 73 calendar days between the last day of school and the first day teachers go back in August.  Nine of those days in June will be spent at Professional Development trainings and then there will be days in July and August that are spent on work as well.

However, my goal is to meet those days with a positive attitude due to how much wonderful summer time I will be enjoying!

My first few days of summer have been spent adding to my family menagerie.  My daughter and I have jointly adopted a hedgehog.  Her name was going to be “Peridot” which was a reference to one of my daughter’s favorite cartoons- Steven Universe.  Then we found a “belly Button” that only males have in hedgehogs so, Peridot became Perry.  Yes, as in “Perry the Platypus”- just go with it.  And, I will be taking Perry to my library throughout the school year, allowing students to view him through the window to my office and hopefully recruiting a team of science students to help care for him.  At school, he will be called Hedgwig- a reference to the fact that he is a reading hedgehog and LOVES Harry Potter!

IMG_5803    IMG_0158


And, with this tiny addition, I have been spending a lot of time making Hedgie Sleep Sacks…

IMG_0153They only take about 10 minutes to put together and he loves snuggling in them so much that it is totally worth it!

My husband started feeling a little left out, I think, and asked when he would be able to get himself a bearded dragon that he and my daughter had been talking about getting for awhile now… I told him he was a grown up and could have a bearded dragon whenever he wanted, I would even go get it for him.  So, late on Saturday evening, we headed out to the pet store and came home with the still un-named dragon.


My son is less than thrilled with our “petting zoo”.  I think the one he likes best is the dragon but still not a lot of interest there.  We do have quite a crowd with 3 miniature poodles, a standard poodle, a red eared slider turtle, hedgehog, and bearded dragon- not to mention the creepy crawlies we now have to keep in order to feed the dragon and occasionally give a treat to the hedgie.

Then, as part of enjoying our world, we headed off to the zoo today.  It was lovely weather.

Loved how the chimp was lounging in the tube.  I hope to do a bit of that myself if I ever get the back yard cleaned up enough.  I haven’t had any time to spend out there this spring so it is still a big mess.  Our zoo trip was followed up with lunch out, then home to cuddle up with a good book for awhile then moved right into a nap.  Really been spoiling myself today!

Tomorrow’s goals are a morning run, quilting a graduation quilt that is already on the machine, and getting some house work done.  I am sure there will be some reading and some hedgehog cuddling mixed in, maybe even a bath for the standard poodle who has skin issues.

Recent happenings around here:

IMG_5758  My daughter’s voice recital after completing her freshman year at UNM in the Voice/opera program.  She and everyone in her studio program did an awesome job!  Beautiful music!





IMG_5798  My son’s YMCA basket ball team won another championship.  Those boys played hard that tournament day, winning 4 games.    My son is the one on the end, on the left.  He is facing his 17th birthday this summer, and his senior year of high school starting in early August.

Not sure where my babies went.  I only have young adults hanging around now.  They won’t even be teenagers much longer.

Looking forward to an awesome summer of rest and recuperation and falling back in love with life!

Happy piecing!

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  1. Andra! You are an animal lover and I am so happy to meet you! I have baby Milo (poodle) now and see you have poodles too! They are awesome… I’d love to share poodle stories with you. I like your other zoo additions too. My friend in CO has a very colorful dragon named Spikey I’m in love with.
    Here’s to doing all you want this summer! Love the quote
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color
    leeannaquilts at gmail dot com in case you want to chat!


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